Flash Card Program


3X3--This is the form I use for most extra credit work, especially in AP Art History. 
Click on the link below and print out as many copies as you need.

Or better, click on the link below and load the form in Word, fill it in on screen, save it and E-mail it to me, or attach any materials you used (Website printouts, etc.) and hand it in.

Flash Card Program--My students and I have used this flash card  program and find it excellent. 

The program does a nice job of creating flash card sets with a picture (jpg, gif, bmp etc. files) on the question card and prose on the answer card. This feature makes it great for Art History. I have included instructions on how to make image cards in the  ReadMe file that is Zipped with the program. 

Just click on the link below, and you will receive a warning about downloading. Click either Save or Open and follow the directions to install the program on your computer.