Odyssey Prep



The Odyssey Kit contains a CueCard data file that has about 80 terms that may likely appear on the Mother of All Greek Background Test. I have provided the answers on the question card; you are welcome to fill in the questions. 

I have provided examples on the first ten cards. Practice by using the Options button to swap question and answer. You may also choose to Shuffle cards and study in random order.


CueCard review flash card sets.
Odyssey Kit.zip 

Odyssey Kit2.zip

Odyssey Books 9-12d.zip


Download the CueCard program  by clicking here.   


Click on the image above to go to one of the better Mythology sites I have found. Does a good job with all the major characters and events.

Another nice mythology site-more comprehensive than the one above. 

Here is a link to an excellent site that covers Mesopotamian history. 

It does a nice job of covering the period of Greek history called "The Persian Wars" through the campaigns of Alexander the Great.  

Click on the Persia image below to go to the site's home page and then click on the pages beginning with "Prelude to the Persian Wars" through "The Battle of Issus."  You may carry through to the end of Alexander if you wish. It's very interesting history.



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