Check out how two of your classmates took a trip to Florence and helped the author correct our textbook. Click on the Florence button to the left.

Planning a family trip? Just returned from a family trip? Visit this page for handy hints on special things to see, places to eat, and places to stay. Also post a digital pic or ppt of you and your family on your trip. (Hint--If you're going to do a ppt, please use much lower resolution images than you would if you were printing them. You don't need high-res images for a computer screen--and people will hate you for taking so long to download your presentation. But be bright and creative in low-res!)

For a sample, go to the Rome page.

Also of interest: Just before school holidays I am frequently approached by my students with a statement/question similar to this, "Mr. Minette my family is going to Rome. What should we see?" 

In order to answer this question more easily, several years ago I put my teacher assistants to work on a data base of all the images that were in our textbook. Just about the time they finished cataloguing the textbook we were using by Helen Gardiner, we adopted a new textbook by Marilynn Stokstad. I, therefore, put them to work collating the data base with the new textbook.


What I now have for my students and their families is a Microsoft XL spreadsheet keyed to two standard art history text books and sorted by cities.

So when you are planning a trip, all you need do is load the database, select all the items from the city you are going to, click "copy," switch to a new window, paste, do some formatting, print it, and take it with you.


You'll find the complete city database and some cities already formatted and ready to print to go by clicking on the Database button to the left.