Submission Check List




Assignment Submission Checklist

Before you finally save and submit your paper, please print and check off the items on this list.

bulletHave I written my name, the date, and the class period in the upper left hand corner of my paper? Have I written the names of my editors in the bottom left corner? Not into a header or a footer. (See #1 on the instruction sheet. ) Have I double spaced and used a Times Roman style font?

bullet Have I named my file correctly? E.g. elec1xxxx. (Where elec1 is the name of  the assignment and xxxx are the first four letters of my last name. Then let Word add the extension) (See #2 on the instruction sheet.)

bullet Have I saved my file in the correct format? Word 6-7 (Not 97!), or in any variety of WordPerfect (See #3 on the instruction sheet.)

bullet Have I addressed my message to (See #4 on the instruction sheet. Or click on link to mail your assignment.)

bullet Have I put my name and the name of the assignment in the subject line of the message? Have I written the number of my class period in the subject line of the message exactly as instructed?  "p1" (See #5 on the instruction sheet.)  e.g. Jason Aardvark,  Loveliest of Trees,   p1

bullet Have I written a message such as "Mr. Minette, here is my John Donne paper." and " signed" the message in the text box of my E-mail program? (See #6 on the instruction sheet.)

bullet Have I sent a copy of the message to myself in the Cc... block as proof of submission? (See #7 on the instruction sheet.)

Remember, if I do not follow these instructions exactly,

I will have to resubmit my assignment as late!

Click one or the other link to mail your paper: