Spring 2003


Amran Mitzna
Shimon Peres
Benyamin Ben Eleizer
Ariel Sharon
Binyamin Netanyahu
Shaul Mofaz

Welcome To the Spring 2003 AIC Webpage!


This spring, Heidelberg High School played Israel Left and Israel Right. 
Through hard work and dedication, we accomplished most of our goals.

 Due to school district policy, no last names may be used; however, below is a list of  the students who participated in the class and the role they played..

         Stephanie played a third of Ariel Sharon.
Austin played one third of Ariel Sharon.
Jake played the last third of Ariel Sharon.
Megan played one half of Binyamin Netanyahu.
Jennifer played the other half of Binyamin Netanyahu.
Bryan played one half of Shaul Mofaz.
Alex played as the other half of Shaul Mofaz.
Madison played one half of Amran Mitzna.
Melissa played the other half of Amran Mitzna.
Peter played one half of Benyamin Ben Eliezer.
Allen played the other half of Benyamin Ben Eliezer.
Jacob played one half of Shimon Peres.
Frances played the other half of Shimon Peres.

 Find out more about us and the roles we played in the simulation by either clicking on a button to the left, on the flag above our team, or on our character name below. 

 Israel Left       Israel Right

  Amran Mitzna

  Ariel Sharon       

  Benyamin Ben Eliezer  

  Shaul Mofaz

  Shimon Peres

  Binyamin Netanyahu