Some Teacher Stuff




I begin by handing out this package of terms associated with the history of the Arab-Israeli Conflict. I assign students to groups, and they track down the meanings of all of these terms. The follow-up class discussion gives them a pretty good background for the simulation.

 Arab Israeli Terms.pdf

Here's my core management document. It stays on a clipboard in the classroom, and as soon as a student finishes a message, AF, or News Release and it's ready for posting, he/she logs it on to the Matrix under the character's name.

We use a message numbering scheme and initials to keep track of messages and their authors. E.g. Jeremiah wrote the eighth Arafat message to Putin of Russia, he would write J08 in the box under Arafat and beside Putin.

His partner wrote the ninth and tenth messages, one to Peres and one to Mubarak. He would write M09 in the Peres box and M11 in the Mubarak box. The kids take either odd of even and remain consistent.

This system allows us to see if the matrix has been covered that week; has everyone been written to? And it gives me my grading basis for that week. We are on a 90 minute every other day block program, and for an A I  require one more message per week than the number of days we have class that week. And the scale slides from there.

Take a look.