Renaissance 1



Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life--Pablo Picasso

Early Renaissance

                         Donatello                                Verrocchio

Here is our reading and quiz schedule for the next two chapters. We are going to break it up somewhat differently from Stokstad.

Chapter 17, Early Renaissance in Europe:
Early Renaissance Quiz I, Art of Italy, Architecture and Sculpture: pp. 649-666; 

Early Renaissance Quiz II, Painting: pp. 666 to end of chapter.

Chapter 18, Renaissance Art in Sixteenth Century Europe:
High Renaissance I Quiz pp. 684-710

Skip Germany (We'll do that later). pp. 710-722

High Renaissance II Quiz pp. 723-745. 

Get reading! We are behind.

Be ready for Early Renaissance II on Friday, 12 March.
I found two good Art History class websites. The first does a good job of giving an overview and some important details. He also gives some review material and a self-correcting quiz you can take. 


The second provides a nice set of review sheets for each of the chapters. Both sites provide text and images. Both are based on Gardiner, but will do just fine for us.

It's too bad they go up only to Medieval. I wish I had found them earlier. The URLs are on the Links page. 


Recommend you go to Test Prep page. There are some good files there to be downloaded and printed, especially the "Essential Images for Art History."

I have made Flash Cards available from this page and from its own page to the left.



Here is the Terms sheet for the Renaissance. Print it out; punch it, and keep it in your notebook for spelling references.

Renaissance Terms



Here is the Fleming piece on Humanism, Rationalism, and Idealism. You can download it, read it, and do a 3 X 3 on it. You can also ask me for a hard copy in class. 

Humanism, Rationalism, Idealism



 For those who wish to purchase the text, I recommend the two volume, hardback, slip covered edition. The price is about $95.00; however the two paperback, school text volumes are $72.50 apiece. Remember, there is NO requirement to purchase the text.

The text may be found at any of the major on-line book stores. 

 I highly recommend having a copy of a book called  The Annotated Mona Lisa. Students say this is the most useful review tool available for the AP Art History test.. She also has a book entitled The Annotated Arch about architecture. I think it's good, but I haven't really used it that much. 

Here is a link to the title at You can choose either new or used, all at a good price. I would buy soon. My reading of the Art History discussion board shows that lots of AP Art History teachers are recommending it, and the used copies will soon be gone. 

Annotated Mona Lisa

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