Below are the PowerPoints for the year. 

Go to File at the left for previous and subsequent Slide Shows. Use these for review of what we've covered, and to supplement Mona Lisa for what we haven't covered. (With many thanks to Mrs. Field who teaches in Richmond VA.)

See below for how to print out these ppt slide shows as flash cards.

Purposes for Art Early Christian
Elements & Principles Byzantine
Prehistoric Early Medieval
Ancient Near East Medieval Architecture
Egypt Medieval Sculpture
Aegean Medieval Painting
Greece 1-Geometric, Orientalizing,  Early Renaissance
Archaic High Renaissance
Greece 2-Architecture Mannerism & Northern Renaissance
Greece 3-Classical & Hellenistic Baroque
Etruscan NeoClassicism-Romanticism
Rome 1-Architecture Realism-Impressionism
Rome 2-Sculpture Post Impressionism
Rome 3-Painting 20th Century













To print these PowerPoints as flash cards follow these directions:

Click on the link and load the presentation.  Save it to your hard disk. Go to Explorer, find the file, click on it and load it into Presentations

Then check to see that the following are set:
    Page Setup
         Slides = Landscape
         Notes, handouts . . .= Landscape

       Print what:

Slides per page = 4
Order = Horizontal
Scale to fit paper
Frame slides (Lets you cut them out more easily)

Click OK to print.