The Minettes spent Columbus Day weekend, 2005 in Paris. Here are some handy hints and a nice place to stay. 

The lines at the museums, especially the Louvre can be horrendous--and there can be up to three or four of them to wait in before you are actually looking at art works. 

Here's a trick that takes care of transportation and museums.  The only way to get around Paris is by Metro; it's one of the best systems in the world and easy to use. And most Metro stations sell both multi-day Metro passes AND multi-day museum passes. 

Therefore, buy your one, two, or three day museum pass (good at all major Paris museums) when you buy your Metro pass. The museum pass allows you to go to the head of any line.

Both Metro and museum passes are available on-line and delivered to your hotel. Click below. 

When you go to the Louvre, don't get out at the Louvre stop and go up and enter through the Pyramid. Rather get out at the Palais Royal-Musee de Louvre stop and enter directly from the underground Metro stop. There's seldom a line there to go through the security check--and you walk right through. 

Here's the website of a nice hotel we found. It's quite central and reasonably priced--EU 102 for a double with a EU 25 supplement for Zak. It's in the theater district, close to shopping, and with nice restaurants. Click on its name below.

And a nice restaurant in the area. Their specialty is fish, but they serve other traditional French food as well. Highly recommended.


62,  Rue Faubourg Montmartre
75009 , PARIS 09 ème
Phone: 01 42 80 39 92
Fax Nr.: 01 42 80 53 38
Closed days
Saturday noon - Sunday
Price range: ± 30 Euro

Here's a nice website that will give you links to lots of useful info on Paris. 


Zak and Mom with the Lamassus



Zak and Dad at Notre Dame




This is a Power Point Presentation, and it's a 40 MG file, so be sure you have a Wide Band connection, and time to download (about 3-5 minutes).

Sean & Andreas In Paris.ppt


Erin in Paris!

Erin and the Bull Capitals from Persepolis  Wow!


Erin contemplating the Seated Scribe