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Here are some links AIC classes have used over the years during the preparation period and during the simulation. We have included both useful websites and useful news articles. You can reach the sites by clicking on the link or on the logo of each site. 


We have put dedicated news sites plus two Israeli newspapers on this page. 

To the left you can click on sites and articles dedicated more narrowly to Israeli or Arab topics. We have divided the Israeli Sites page into those sites more useful to the Israeli Right team and those aimed more at Israeli Left.  Non-Israeli teams might find the Israeli Left materials useful for making a case against the poli9cies of the current Israeli government. 



By far the two most useful sites on a daily basis were the Yahoo! Full Coverage and the BBC In Depth sites. These services allow you to focus on a specific country or issue, and provide you with a vast quantity of information on it. In addition to news stories, they also gives links to related sites, editorials, and the like. To use Yahoo! Full Coverage or BBC In-Dept follow the instructions below:

Yahoo! Full Coverage MidEast Conflict  There are several ways to get there.

1. Go to  (or click on the its logo above).

2. Go down to Full Coverage/ All Full Coverage/ World/ and then either click on the country you are interested in or: 

3. Go to the search and make sure full coverage is selected

4. Type in keywords (i.e., Israel Lebanese Conflict or Mid East Peace Process)

                        5. Click on the links that appear

Below is a link to the Full Coverage Mideast Conflict page--very useful!

Yahoo Full Coverage Mideast Conflict  

BBC News is a British sponsored news web-site that contains a wonderful Arab-Israeli page within it. It is an extremely broad and balanced source for information on the Arab-Israeli conflict.

To access the Israeli-Palestinian page within BBC news, follow these steps:

Click on the link to (Or on its logo above).

On the left side bar, click on "In Depth"

Under "Middle East" there is a page named "Israel and the Palestinians", click on this page. Or just click on the logo or link below. 

BBC-In depth-Middle East-Israel and the Palestinians


This page is dedicated to daily news related to the Arab-Israeli conflict. It also has a section that provides very detailed resources concerning: profiles of people involved, key documents related to the conflict, Web links to relevant sites, and country profiles. The thing I found most useful was the section labeled "History in Maps," which has nine very detailed maps and information about them. Overall this page is a valuable resource for articles, maps, and recent events in the Arab-Israeli conflict.

After Yahoo! Full Coverage, the next most useful resource we found was Ha’aretz. Ha’aretz is a major Israeli newspaper whose English edition is published daily on the Web. In a way, it’s like the Washington Post or LA Times of Israel. Intense editorials and the publishing of other topics such as economics, food, and sports allow you to see the whole spectrum of the Israeli life.

The information posted in the news articles state facts and not just opinions of the Israeli journalist. Perhaps even more important, the site is rarely busy or down, so there’s no problem getting to it. This site is great for current information about the progression of the peace process , or lack of it, in the Middle East.

The editorial slant taken by Ha’aretz tends to be to the left, so it is a good site also to use for those representing the Arab and other non-Israeli positions. There’s lots of material here to be used against the current Israeli government.

Jerusalem Post 

The Jerusalem Post is an English language newspaper published in Jerusalem. It is like Ha’aretz except that its editorial slant is very much to the right. If you’re representing Israel Right, or want to understand the position of the current Israeli government, Jerusalem Post is for you.