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Israel General

This site, sponsored by the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, contains a nice timeline for the history of  Israel, back to Biblical times. Click on the logo above to go there.

Sites and articles useful to Israel Right

 Effi Eitam article-Ha'aretz

This web page is extremely useful for anyone in AIC. The page focuses on the Middle East Peace Process and is part of a site sponsored by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The site includes a summary of all on-going events with pictures, and links to important works, such as Camp David Accords, and opening addresses to the Madrid Conference. The site has information about specific bilateral issues between Israel and Jordan, Israel and Syria, Israel and Palestinians, and Israel and Lebanon.

Under the Middle East Peace Process there is also a section on Selected Reference Documents. This includes live recordings, maps, and the text to several relevant documents, such as the Balfour Declaration and Oslo Accords.

The last topic under this section is entitled Partnership in Development 1998. This includes several ideas proposed for infrastructure development in areas such as the Jordan Rift Valley and the Gulf of Aqaba.

Also on the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs Home Page there is an "Ask Israel" button to click on if you wish to ask further questions.

This information is easy to follow, well organized, and invaluable for all AIC students. This is especially so because infrastructure issues and conflicts with other groups, outside of just Palestinians, are major parts of the AIC class.

Freeman Center for Strategic Studies

This site has links to news articles that contain information useful especially for students playing Israel. It also has a search engine that searches the Maccabean Online Archives, which contains political analysis and commentary on Israeli and Jewish affairs.

It provides many useful resources that can help most AICers find helpful information no matter what country they are playing. This is a heavily pro-Israel site, and I have used some of it in messages. In summary, this site is a haven for people who need good research fast.
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acts of Israel


This is an informative web site for anyone who is playing Israel. As the name implies, Facts of Israel is a site that has facts about Israel. You can find almost any information here. They have maps, the history of the region, statistics about suicide bomber casualties and the like, and many other informative tools.

I used this site in my messages a lot. If you have some hard research and statistics, the other players in the simulation tend to respect you a lot more and pay more attention to what you have to say. In summary, this web site is a great for anyone who needs good, solid facts about Israel.
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The following two sites are especially useful if you are playing the Israel right Minister of Defense.

This is the Israeli Defense forces web-site in English (click the English tab on the front page). It contains statistics, daily events, organization, history, and much more useful information about Israel and its military. It also has daily updated news that provides real and reliable information into the operations that Israel takes out almost every day. 

The site is obviously biased toward Israel in their views, but the facts and statistics are very reliable. If you are playing Israel Right as defense minister, as I was, this web-site is extremely useful for writing realistic action forms.
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This site is the official site of the Israeli Air Force in English (Click "take off" under English version.) It is very useful for anyone writing military action forms on the Israeli team. It has the types of aircraft, the tactics, and the weapons used by the real Israeli Air force. It also has a detailed history of Israeli Air Force operations in past military conflicts. This web-site came in very handy when writing action forms as Israeli Right Defense Minister, especially the information about Unmanned Ariel Vehicles.
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Sites Useful to Israel Left


Gush Shalom (Translated from Hebrew, the name means "The Peace Bloc")
is the hard core of the Israeli peace movement.

Often described as "resolute", "militant", "radical" or "consistent", it is known for its unwavering stand in times of crisis, such as the al-Aksa intifada.

For years now, Gush Shalom has played a leading role in determining the moral and political agenda of the peace forces in Israel, as well as in breaking the so-called "national consensus" based on misinformation.