Odyssey Prep



Get reading for the Gothic 1 quiz later this week.

Gothic quizzes: Gothic 1 pp. 554-579; Gothic 2 pp. 579-601; Gothic 3 pp. 601-612


San Sernin

Tympanum, Moissac


Here's the monastery plan that I promised you. The first is of Maulbronn. The second is of St. Gall, the oldest plan we have, and which is found in our text. I recommend you look at both.
Maulbronn Plan.pdf
St Gall Plan.pdf


  Early Xstian-GothicTerms.doc



3 X 3 Extra credit possibility here.



Check out and use the  ArtLex site. Try it as a study aid. You'll like it. Click on Links to the left.

Check out the travel page. Make your own contribution after a trip.


 For those who wish to purchase the text, Art History Second Edition by Marilyn Stokstad, I recommend the two volume, hardback, slip covered edition. The price is about $95.00; however the two paperback, school text volumes are $72.50 apiece. Remember, there is NO requirement to purchase the text.
There is also a huge one volume hardback edition for about $65.00. It's a backbreaker to carry but less expensive.

There are also used versions available, some at good prices. 

These texts may be found at any of the major on-line book stores. Here is a link to the boxed set at
Art History  by Marilyn Stokstad
-Two volume boxed set.

And to the backbreaking edition.  
Art History by Marilyn Stokstad
--One volume hardback.

 I highly recommend having a copy of a book called  The Annotated Mona Lisa. Students say this is the most useful review tool available for the AP Art History test.. She also has a book entitled The Annotated Arch about architecture. I think it's good, but I haven't really used it that much. 

Here is a link to the title at You can choose either new or used, all at a good price.. 
Annotated Mona Lisa