Gross Error Sheet





Gross errors are the result of careless re-writing and editing. You are to eliminate them. Some gross errors are:

1. Sentence fragments

2. Run-on sentences esp. comma splices

3. Misspellings

4. Subject-verb agreement

5. Gross errors in punctuation, e.g. apostrophes for possessive

6. Gross misuse of words, e.g. itís for its; their for there

7. Use of 1st or 2nd person: I, you

8. Pronouns with unclear antecedents, esp. This and it

9. Use of contractions and abbreviations, e.g. can't, won't, &

10. Words left out

11. Inaccurate quotations and statements.

12. Misuse and overuse of passive voice

13. Misuse and overuse of the word "being" and other "ing" words

14. Split infinitives

15. Misplaced adverbs, esp. "only"

Gross Error Corrections

Gross error corrections are to be done in a separate file and submitted, not on the returned composition.

"Sentence" errors: rewrite the entire sentence (once) in which the error occurs, correcting the error. Examples: fragments, comma splices, left out words, etc.

Things to remember when correcting sentence errors:

1. Don't rewrite an error! That is, don't write the sentence with the Gross Error in and below it write the correction. 

2. Rewrite only Gross errors. Do not correct my suggestions for improvement.

3. Remember that I must be able to identify the Gross Error from reading just your correction. I will not go to your paper to find out what the Gross Error is. Therefore identify the Gross Error you are correcting. For instance, just underline the end of a word with the apostrophe, and I will know that is what you are correcting. 

You can put in parentheses at the end of the correction what you are correcting, e.g. (Wrote fell instead of fallen.)

To correct the misuse of a word, e.g. it's for its, write four sentences, two using one of the words, and two using the other. 

3. Name the file with the original paper filename plus first four of your last, e.g.. aapgexxxx.doc and send it to me via E-mail.

If you don't follow these directions exactly, your Ge Corrections will be bumped back to you and received no credit.