On to Rome!

Rome will be divided into three chunks: 1. Etruscan to Empire, pp. 224-245; 2. Empire, Part I, pp. 246-267; 3. High and Late Empire, pp. 267-end.

Get reading Rome 2. We'll go through Rome 1 quickly.

See links below to Rome Terms and Rome Background Outline (Extra credit test possibility on this), also pdf of the Pont du Gard map.

Pont du Gard


               RomeTerms.pdf                    RomeOutline.pdf                  Pont-du-Gard-Map.pdf

Mother of all Greek Tests--finished! Get going on Reteach/retest and extra credit.

Reminder "Mother of" tests: Part 1 = Scantron objective; Part 2 = Essays; Part 3 = Open Note. This is so even if the parts are not administered in this order.

It hurts!

I posted the link to the Power Point Presentation on the Golden Ratio we talked about in connection to the Parthenon. Click on the Links page to the left. 

There are now four Greek downloads for you.


Greek Term sheet.. Greece Terms.pdf


Humanism, Rationalism, & Idealism file. Humanism etc. pdf


A modern canon of proportion and of Contropposto. It's a big file; I wouldn't download it unless you have a wideband connection. Ask me in class, and I will give you a copy. Contropposto/Proportion.pdf


Greece Background Outline. (extra credit open note group test on this info).  Greek1.pdf

Let's finish up Reteach/retest on the Mother of All First Three Chapters Test.


3 X 3 Extra credit possibility here.

Here is a link to an excellent site that covers Mesopotamian history. 

It does a nice job of covering the period of Greek history called "The Persian Wars" through the campaigns of Alexander the Great.  

Click on the Persia image below to go to the site's home page and then click on the pages beginning with "Prelude to the Persian Wars" through "The Battle of Issus."  You may carry through to the end of Alexander if you wish. It's very interesting history.


Check out and use the  ArtLex site. Try it as a study aid. You'll like it. Click on Links to the left.

Polykleitos Doryphoros Parthenon

Check out the travel page. Make your own contribution after a trip.


 For those who wish to purchase the text, Art History Second Edition by Marilyn Stokstad, I recommend the two volume, hardback, slip covered edition. The price is about $95.00; however the two paperback, school text volumes are $72.50 apiece. Remember, there is NO requirement to purchase the text.
There is also a huge one volume hardback edition for about $65.00. It's a backbreaker to carry but less expensive.

There are also used versions available, some at good prices. 

These texts may be found at any of the major on-line book stores. Here is a link to the boxed set at
Art History  by Marilyn Stokstad
-Two volume boxed set.

And to the backbreaking edition.  
Art History by Marilyn Stokstad
--One volume hardback.

 I highly recommend having a copy of a book called  The Annotated Mona Lisa. Students say this is the most useful review tool available for the AP Art History test.. She also has a book entitled The Annotated Arch about architecture. I think it's good, but I haven't really used it that much. 

Here is a link to the title at You can choose either new or used, all at a good price.. 
Annotated Mona Lisa