The flashcard program, called CueCard is available for downloading from the Utilities page on the Home Page. 

You are encouraged to update and revise these Flash Cards and submit them to me, or to make up your own. Please see me if you are interested, and I will give you further instructions and a disk with images. Gumdrops available.




Rome1,2,3.zip This file is huge! (6 mg) Be patient when downloading.

Greece 2&3.zip





Thanks to Erika!




Here are the instructions on how to download a flashcard set and run it with the CueCard program. 

You have to follow these directions carefully to make CueCard work smoothly with images.

First, download and install the CueCard program from the Utilities page of my Homepage.

Then create a folder into which to download the CueCard Zip file. I like to have a separate folder for each flash card set, e.g. Prehistoric, AncientNearEast, etc.

Then, download the Zip file into that folder and unzip it.

You will have the CueCard data file for that set of flash cards, a .wcu file and the corresponding .jpg image files. As long as the CueCard file and the associated jpg image files are in the same folder, CueCard will work with that set of images.

Run CueCard, open the file you want to work with, and you're on your way.

Play around with the program for a while and see all the things it can do. It's a powerful program that makes a great study tool.


These two flash card sets below were created by a former student using Word. They cover a wide range.

Flash Cards 1.doc

Flash Cards 2.doc