Class policies



Quizzes and Tests
I assign reading from the text in approximately 20 page chunks. After each reading assignment, there will be a reading quiz. These will be just factual--did you read the material, and did you get the most important information out of it?

We will then "cover" that material in class with slides and lecture. Meanwhile, you are reading the next 20 page chunk. 

At the end of each time period, you will take a "Mother of all xxxx test." --Greek, Medieval, Renaissance, etc. These unit tests follow the format of the AP Art History test you will take in May. There is both an objective and an essay section--also an open note section in which you are tested on material I gave you in class and you may use the notes you took.

These large unit tests are important and count heavily toward your quarter grade. Take them seriously!

For the next several Seminars after one of these "mother" tests, there is a follow-up "Reteach/retest." For Reteach/retest, you come to my classroom during Seminar and in a self-selected group of two--four classmates retake exactly the same test you just finished individually, this time using your text and any notes you took. You reach consensus with your group mates on the answer to each question and turn in only one answer sheet. I correct the Reteach/retest, and if the your group scores above 90%, you all receive an A; if you score above 80%, you receive a B.

I weigh this Reteach/retest heavily, at least 1/3 of the weight assigned to the individual test. I encourage all of you to take the Re/re. It gives you one more chance to go over the material and master it--and it provides a boost to your grade. Remember, no matter what your group scores, your grade cannot be hurt, only helped.

Extra Credit
I am a big fan of what I call "gumdrops"--extra credit. There is so much good stuff out there on art history, from National Geographic articles, to videos/DVDs, to Internet sites. I just can't use class time to show or discuss even a fraction of what's available.

Therefore, I recommend you take advantage of as much of the rich material available as you can. The procedure is that you read an article, view a video/DVD (in school or at home; you can check them out), look up an Internet site, take a family trip, visit a museum, and then go to my website and print off a copy of the "3X3" form (Three things I already knew, Three things I learned, and Three things I still want to know). You fill out the "3X3" form and turn it in to me for extra credit.

Let me make clear that extra credit by itself won't get a B- up to an A, but many/most of my students find themselves at the end of a quarter or semester right at a borderline B+/A-, C+/B- etc. Let me emphasize that Reteach/retest and extra credit can be just what you need to push you up to the next level. I encourage the pursuit of extra credit--it helps the grade, and you will learn some interesting stuff.


I have a great collection of videos and we just received some fall out money, and I spent nearly $1000.00. Spend some week-end time and share with your folks some of them.