AR List


Book Card format


Click on the link below to bring up the AR list. I have marked extra credit titles with an X, or a check mark. 

AR List--pdf format

AR Rules:

bulletYou must read at least two titles from the list and pass the test on each.

bulletTitles in the AR collection and not on the list tend to be high interest, low reading ability books and are not appropriate for Honors/AP reading.

bulletAny titles that are marked with an X, a check mark--or whatever mark your word processor assigns will receive extra credit points. Double marked titles are especially challenging and will receive double extra credit.

bulletAny title that is rated at a 9.5 reading level or above will receive extra credit points.

bulletYou will receive extra credit for AR tests you pass with a grade of 90% or above. 

bulletYou may read some fun/fluff titles for extra credit after you have passed your two "approved" titles. 

bulletTitles by Steven King, Victoria Holt, and any of the Harry Potter titles will receive extra credit if the two required titles have been read and passed.

bulletTitles such as Ace Hits the Big time and How Suzy Got Her Mojo Back with reading levels of 4th, 5th, and 6th grade are still not acceptable even if you have done your two required titles. 
bulletIf you wish to read a title that is not on the official, approved list, see me, explain, and I will point you to the "Book Card" report template to the left. E.g. several kids wanted to read more of Fitzgerald, and I accepted the Book Card format for these titles.