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"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life."                                                          Pablo Picasso

Welcome to Mr. Minette's AP Art History page!

Look around. There's lots to see. Feel free to use whatever resources you find useful or interesting. 

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bulletChapter Pages were created and posted as we worked our way through the Stokstad text. 
bulletTest Prep is just that, some tools to help prepare for the AP Art History test in May
bulletFlashcards are especially useful. There is one for each period of Art History, and I have created a set with images and questions for the three released AP Art History tests, 1993, 98 and 2004. Students say they are useful. They are created with a program called CueCard, available for downloading from the Flashcard page or the Utilities page on my Home Page. Read the Instructions at the bottom of the Flashcard page.
bulletPresentations are a series of PowerPoints on each chapter of the Art History text. Students say they are excellent preparation for the AP Art History test. 
bulletLinks are just that, links to some useful art history sites.
bulletTravel is lots of fun. These are trips taken by me and my family and by some of my students. There are hotel recommendations, sites to be seen, handy hints, a data base of images from the text tied to their location, and some cute PowerPoints by students. Enjoy!
bulletParent Newsletter, Course Description, and Class policies are self explanatory.  

These are a few of my favorite things. There are lots more.

"Hey! Just wanted to say I loved the Book of Kells."