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bullet Click to the left for an outline and some detail of  an answer to the narrative question.
bulletHere's the link to the College Board page on the AP Art History Exam. There are all the questions here from the past few years with examples of good and poor responses.  
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College Board Central--Art History

bulletHere is the known Long Essay Question for 2004. ETS will create a question from one of the two topics. 
Long Essay Questions 2004-05
bulletHere are the "multi-cultural" Long Essay questions for the past five years.
Long Essay Questions 1998-2002

bulletHere are some charts of information useful in preparing for the AP Art History Test.

        Essential Images for Art History

        Evolution of Medieval Vaulting and Gothic Sculpture

        High Renaissance vs. Mannerism

bulletHere are Katie K's Flash Cards. File 1 goes from Prehistoric through Greco-Roman. File 2 from Early Christian to Baroque, File 3, Romanticism. I'll post more if they come in. If anyone else wants to get involved, feel free. I think this is a great idea!

        Flash Cards 1

        Flash Cards 2

        Flash Cards 3