Submission Format


Submission Check List

Filename for My Last Duchess paper is mld1xxx.doc

When over sixty students submit the same assignment to me electronically, I must be able quickly to identify, sort, and file the assignment by class and period. Therefore, please adhere to the following submission format exactly when turning in assignments:

Unless other arrangements are made, major assignments are to be done on a word processor—and sent to me via E-mail. When submitting assignments electronically, you must adhere to the following conventions:

A. Assignments turned in by E-mail must follow this page format:

    1. Use the MLA template (see link below) to format your paper.  

Text must be double-spaced and in a Times Roman style font. Don't use Ariel or other sans serif fonts. .

MLA Template for Word

    In addition, at the bottom of the last page of a paper, also double-spaced and flush left must be:

Edited by:



This information is not optional! If you or your editor(s) are absent,
you must arrange to have your paper given a final edit before you submit it.

Please don’t put this information into a header or a footer!

B. You are to save, name and send the file as follows:

    2. I will give you the first three\four characters as the assignment name. You are then to follow that with the first four letters of your LAST name, a dot, then let Word add the appropriate extension (.doc).

bullet E.g. Your name is Jason Aardvark and the assignment is the first Bird paper.

bullet I will give you the assignment name! Don't create your own—in this case brd1.

bullet The file you send to me, therefore, will be named: brd1aard.rtf or .doc

3. You may work in whatever word processor you are comfortable with. Please save your final copy, however, in one of the following formats:  WordPerfect for Windows 5.x., or MSWord 6 or 7. 
bullet Go to File in the Menu Bar, click on Save As. Go to bottom of screen to Save as type. Click on the down arrow and choose Word 6.0/95 or Rich Text Format, or WordPerfect  5.x for Windows and Save. Close the file!  (Or you may not be able to attach it.) Then attach the file to your E-mail message and send.

4. You must send assignments via the Internet as an attached file to whatever E-mail program you use.

bulletMy E-mail address for assignments and correspondence is:

5. In the SUBJECT line of the message you are to put the following information: your name; the name of the assignment, e.g. "Bird 1 paper" and finally,  the letter p followed by the number of the class period you have English. E.g. p4.

6. In the message box of your E-mail program, you should also write me a brief message identifying the name of the assignment and your name. E.g. Mr. Minette, here is the "Bird"  paper. Jason Aardvark.

7. I suggest you send a copy of the message to yourself in the Cc (courtesy copy) window of your address section. This will serve as proof of submission in case your message to me disappears into cyberspace.

Papers which do not follow all of the above conventions exactly will have to be resubmitted as a late assignment.